Privacy policy

Nellbooker Ltd - Privacy Policy

Terms used in this policy have the meanings attributed to them at the end of this Policy

  1. Intro and scope

    1. Applies to End Users and Clients. Changes to privacy policy will be notified on the Website so End Users shoold check regolarlyprominently so it is immediately apparent that there has been an update]
    2. Contact details for Nellbooker Ltd are Nellbooker Ltd, c/o Hopkin Murray Beskine, Tower House, Fonthill Road, N4 3HF or
  2. Information collected

    1. We collect the following End User Data:
      1. Title;
      2. Name;
      3. Organisation;
      4. Direct telephone; and
      5. Email address.
    2. We collect the following Client Data:
      1. Title;
      2. Foll name;
      3. Address;
      4. Postcode;
      5. Landline number;
      6. Mobile number;
      7. Eligibility for legal aid;
      8. Case summary– this might include personal details including health/financial information;
      9. Standard outcome of case field; and
      10. Feedback.
  3. Automatic collection

    1. Log files/IP addresses; Nellbooker Ltd may use IP addresses to help administer the Website;
    2. Cookies, cookies deletion and Google Analytics;
  4. Uses of information:

    1. All information is used in accordance with Data Protection Legislation and this privacy policy. We do not disclose Client or End User Data except where required by law.
    2. End User Data is generally accessible to individuals with Network Administration Accounts. When an End User offers to take referrals, their End User Data becomes accessible to all other End Users from whom they are offering to take referrals from.
    3. Where Client User Data has been transmitted between Member Agencies that Data becomes accessible to all End Users who belong to the relevant Agencies.
    4. Nellbooker Ltd will have access to all Client Data but will use the same for monitoring and maintenance purposes only.
  5. Sharing Statistical Data

    1. Six months after an appointment or referral Clients’ title, name, address, landline and mobile number, case summary, feedback as well as any attachments from Client Data are removed from the server. The remainder of the information becomes ‘Statistical Data’. Statistical Data also includes information about Member Agencies and current or former End Users themselves.
    2. Statistical Data will be used for a period of five years for:
      1. Distribution to prospective Member Agencies or third parties for marketing purposes;
      2. Maintenance and monitoring the activity within Networks; and
      3. Informing Member Agencies about the total number of referrals in any month for their network.
  6. Use of forums or public areas of Website

    1. Information posted in these areas becomes public information within the Network or Networks that an End User is part of.
    2. End Users shoold respect the privacy of Client Data.
    3. Nellbooker excludes liability for unauthorised disclosure of Client Data by End Users.
  7. Security

    1. Technology and policies have been implemented to safeguard against unauthorised access and improper use. Standard protocols of security are used, such as ‘https’, to protect the privacy of Client or End User Data.
    2. Nellbooker Ltd is a notified Data Controller.
    3. It is the responsibility of an End User to protect the confidentiality of their Login details.
  8. Linking policy

    1. Nellbooker Ltd is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other sites even if an End User accesses those using links from the Nellbooker Website.
  9. Transfer outside EU

    1. All Client and End User Data collected is stored on a server in the UK
    2. No information is transferred outside of EU without consent of End Users.
  10. Definitions

    1. Client – Person who is the subject of the referral.
    2. End User - At any time the employees or volunteers of the Member Agencies who are authorised by the Member Agencies to use System pursuant to this Licence.
    3. Member Agency – Organisations who have been licensed by Nellbooker Ltd to use the System.
    4. Network - Member Agencies and their End Users who operate independently from other users of the System, including in making and taking referrals and maintaining a news service, and enabling the Nellbooker Ltd to gather data about referrals involving the Member Agencies.
    5. Client Data – Information stored about Clients.
    6. End User Data – Information stored about End Users.
    7. Network Administrator Account – a special user account enabling the Licensee to administer the Network, including by entering and maintaining data about the Member Agencies and their End Users, and creating and controlling End User accounts.
    8. Statistical Data - Data that relates not to individuals but rather Member Agencies or non – identifying information about individuals (geographical location, eligibility for legal aid, the outcome of the case, ethnicity, gender and disability).
    9. System - The web-based service available at devised by the Nellbooker Ltd to facilitate the referral of clients for legal or other advice, including by booking appointments online and securely transferring relevant client/case details between registered agencies.  
    10. Website – The visual display and functionality of the System.